Posting Schedule

Having just written a post about not over planning, I appreciate the irony in this post now setting out a schedule for my future blog posts… however I will be practicing what I preach. Whilst the below provides an indication of what you can expect, it is by no means exhaustive!

notebook planning

Travel Tuesdays

Exactly what it says on the tin… Travel Tuesdays will cover a range of travel topics, such as;

  • In Depth Reviews / Cultural Discussions
  • Hints and Tips on Travel
  • Tier Lists
  • Top Travel Destinations
  • Bucket List Locations

Covering both UK destinations and those further afield, Travel Tuesdays has something for everyone. The reviews and discussion based posts at times focus on the importance of travel for mental health and me personally, whilst at others focus on important cultural topics of discussion with a positive lens wherever possible. Negative news stories surround us all on a daily basis – these posts add a dose of positivity to your daily reading!

Man looking over Lake Ohrid

Foodie Fridays

Fridays are the best day of the week, right?! The weekend is here, and its time to kick back and enjoy some brilliant food! Foodie Fridays will cover a range of topics, such as;

  • Restaurant Reviews – UK and Abroad
  • Viral Trends from Insta / TikTok – Hit or Miss?
  • Home cooking, including recipes
  • Dietary Discussion (including common diets of countries / regions)
  • Drink (of the non-alcoholic variety)

Foodie Fridays are eclectic mix of amazing food & drink (with some minor disasters along the way), beautiful restaurants and locations, with a healthy discussion around diet exploring how we eat around the world and the impact that food & drink has on us both physically and mentally.

sticky toffee pudding

Serendipitous Sundays

Sundays are the day of rest & reflection… and coffee. Sundays posts are on ever changing topics, depending on how I am feeling, what I have been doing and what is coming up! Topics include;

  • Mental Health
  • The Week That Was
  • Behind The Scenes
  • House Transformation / Progress
  • What’s Coming Up?

Sundays feature a mixture of written posts and vlogs of varying lengths – sometimes short and sweet, at others long and considered. Its the day of pot luck, to borrow an overused phrase from Forrest Gump,

…life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Forrest Gump, 1994

The topics are ever changing, but there will always be coffee. Lots of coffee!

cup of black coffee

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